About Me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at Brigham Young University. I did my graduate work at Duke University (2007-2011) following which I held a two year post-graduate research position at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (2011-2013). My area of expertise is the analysis of spatially and temporally correlated data with an emphasis on applications in environmental impacts on public health. See my research page for more information.

My Quote of the Month

"Worthwhile achievements are laudable. But if we are to save our lives, we must always remember that such attainments are not ends in themselves but means to a higher end. With our faith in Christ, we must see political, business, academic, and similar forms of success not as defining us but as making possible our service to God and fellowman - beginning at home and extending as far as possible in the world."
                                                          D. Todd Christofferson